Personal Training Fitness Programs

Personal Training sessions at My Body Project fast tracks your progress in gym, making your workout session easier and more effective. We are conveniently located on park street Fitness first in sydney CBD.

We are here for you, motivate you to push your mind and body to new heights. Whether you need an instructor, guide, motivator or a friend, we are all those things and more. At My Body Project Personal Training Sydney, we do care about you and will help you reach your fitness and wellness goals, no matter how big or small.

At My Body Project Fitness Training Sydney Park Street – An exercise program will be devised for you, based on your individual needs, goals and abilities that will constantly challenge you. Your program will be regularly modified to ensure it remains fun and allows your body to stay constantly challenged and changing. Whether it be within a private or group session, we will ensure you stay motivated and achieving your goals. Come and try out our Sydney personal training session today.

Personal Training Tips

We believe one’s success lies in their health and fitness, and it has never been easier when you are training with Rob. Either you are looking at improving fitness, building muscle, weight loss or simply just be active and be part of a boot camp. My Body Project will have you taken care of.

Here are our fitness tips that will maximise the result of your fitness training. We cover topics from “How to train efficiently in a gym” to “Supplement to reduce body fat”. Let us know if you have a specific topic that we haven’t covered.