Sydney’s Best Personal Trainer

My Body Project is Sydney’s premier Personal Training Group. Founded by Robin in 2010, since that time we have achieved some amazing results for our clients. We believe one’s success lies in their health and fitness, and it has never been easier when you are training with My Body Project.

At My Body Project Fitness Training – An exercise program will be devised for you, based on your individual needs, goals and abilities that will constantly challenge you. Your program will be regularly modified to ensure it remains fun and allows your body to stay constantly challenged and changing. Whether it be within a private or group session, we will ensure you stay motivated and achieving your goals.

We guarantee positive results to every client, listen to your needs and always strive for self-improvement and be at the forefront of the industry. Your trainer Robin has an extensive background in powerlifting and strength training. This experience, along with a genuine passion for helping people improve their health & fitness has enabled him to make long lasting and meaningful changes to the lives of all his clients.

He puts particular emphasis on the importance of nutrition and strength development with all his clients. Strength development plays a fundamental role in the acquisition of any health and fitness goal, as such forms the foundation of Robin’s training philosophy.

Let’s work together


This is the part where I sell myself, to tell you how great I am, how qualified I am, impress you with all the transformations I have collected, I am not going to do that. I have a vision in my business and I’d like to share it with you when I meet you and if you happen to share the same vision with me then I believe we could achieve amazing transformations using the fitness programs I have developed.

I have worked across the world as a PT; I did train home mums as well as politicians from the European commission, also helped girls to compete in elite level sports. I do have some certifications I have done, however I do not believe in the tile the best personal trainer, there are only trainers with many years of experience in coaching who understands clients needs and wants and willing the guide their clients to achieve their fitness goals.

  • I’m not going to sit you down, ask for your goal, promise the world, take your money, start training and 12 months later you still have your goal unachieved
  • I will not coach you until we have established a “real goal”
  • I’m not going to tell you what you need or don’t need to achieve in the gym because then it becomes my goal not yours
  • I am not an expert in everything, however I am prepared to use my connections with international coaches to seek the specific information I need
  • I will not make you dependent on me. I will teach you the knowledge and skills required for you to be independent in the gym
  • I will not show you fancy circuis exercises to show off what I can do. My approach is mastering the basics
  • I will prescribe a program to master your goal


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