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Our Individually designed fitness programs to suit you , by far the most effective way to meet your fitness goals. Regular assessments to monitor your progress at Park Street Fitness First with our Certified professional personal trainer, is the best way to achieve the results you’re looking for because it’s all about you.

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Health and fitness for men are different than women, men are generally after bodybuilding, gaining muscle and increasing strength. When it comes down to lifting, men generally will lift more than women, require more resting period, men will have a easier time with weight loss and gaining muscle because of higher testosterone level.

We believe fitness is not one size fits all. We go for a more tailored approach. We will design a health and fitness program custom designed for your body, your personality, and your goals. We don’t just throw squats and curls at you, because that’s not for everyone. We get to know you first. We will work together to design a program that will get you to your fitness goals.

The workout we provide for men starts from a strength base program, there are many views on what we are about to tell you but this is purely what we see day in day out. Most form of health and fitness results comes from strength.

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If you are stronger, is easier to build muscle, losing body fat, and the list of benefits goes on and on, If you are interested in getting stronger, leaner, having a bigger chest, shoulders and arms then this program is definitely for you, provided you are ready to work hard for it. You will get a customised training plan that is designed to get your stronger first, if you follow the nutrition tips I give you, dropping a few % of body fat will also happen, and with the supplements I recommend you will have a much better recovery rate to build muscle.

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Set Training Goals

In my opinion one of the biggest reason why people fail to achieve their gaols in health and fitness is because they can’t tell the difference between a fantasy goal vs a “real” goal

A fantasy goal is almost a dream, is like saying “I really need to lose 10kgs in the next 24hours.”

A “real goal” is a goal that is congruent with your highest value in life, it is self-driven. An example of it would be “I love to help others with their health and fitness, I am going to do whatever it takes to make it happen.”

A balanced training goal will give you the best chance of achieving optimal and fast and long lasting results. Regardless of what it is, fat burning, muscle building, improving core strength you name it.

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