Personal Training for Women

Our female personal training program is designed to give women the best results in the shortest amount of time. The sessions are 60 minutes, one to one, with focus on strength and overall fitness. We will cover cardio, strength, and flexibility. All workout sessions are customised to your needs and fitness goals.

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My Body Project Personal Training programs are based on functional fitness exercises – those that build strength to perform your normal daily activities. As sessions are shorter in time we load both lower body and upper body exercises together maximising your workout. We also like to mix it up and offer varying sessions including Tabata interval training, rowing, vibration plate, suspension training, medicine balls, kettle bells to keep it interesting.


Your program will be designed to improve your health and fitness, and with a variety of exercise to keep you engaged. The variety of exercise ensures all your muscle groups are active, and deliver better result for the same amount of time you put in. Our personal trainer will also guide you with your nutritional needs and assess your body regularly such as body fat % and hormonal profiling to make adjustment to your programs if necessary.

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Women Training Program

The programs I design for females are focus on two things, health, and fitness. Health will always come first; when I use the word fitness it includes all aspect of it, cardio, strength, and flexibility.

We are going to set realistic and achievable goals about your health and fitness, regardless if you are looking to lose some body fat, or if you want to put on some lean muscle and tone up it all starts from goal setting which is all in your head.

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Setting a balanced goal together is almost teaching a baby from sitting, to standing, to walking and finally you will be running. I do not see the point of setting a goal that is unrealistic and set you to fail right from the start.

If you can ask yourself right now “why am I doing this” and be honest with yourself with what you really want, not what someone tells you what you need to do. It can be as simple as stress relief, or get away from work, that can be your primary goal, and you will find yourself losing a few kilos alone the way.

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