The missing link to weight loss

Here is what you need to know: • 50% of the world as still caught up in weight loss • Most “weight loss” programs dose not deal with the underlying issue which is linked with human behaviour • There is nothing more powerful than a self driven individual • When the why is bigger enough, the how will take care … Read More

RobinThe missing link to weight loss

Magnesium Supplement

  Lifting in the gym or doing any type of resistance training will increase your body’s magnesium requirement, in order for you to keep your sports performance level up as well as your general health you must supplement with magnesium supplements. When purchasing magnesium supplements consider the absorption of the magnesium, many supplement company use cheap magnesium and it is … Read More

RobinMagnesium Supplement

Fish oil and weight loss

Q: What supplement can help me lose weight? A: Try fish oil, 1 -1.5g of fish oil per body fat % daily will help you reduce body fat and lose weight. Just beware of the manufacture of the fish oil, spend the extra dollar so your fish oil is free of heavy metals. Why? Fish oil can help you lose … Read More

RobinFish oil and weight loss

Eat Oats for weight, does it really work?

Question: Is oat meal for weight loss? Well, the answer is yes and no. oats are a source of carbohydrates which is a very important energy source for our body. During period of cutting, (weight loss, fat loss) you want to create some degree of energy deficiency in the body so the weight loss can happen. The more carbohydrate your … Read More

RobinEat Oats for weight, does it really work?

Weight loss diet tips

Weight loss tips: (They are basic weight loss tips, however it is a good starting point) Eat your fats: If you are eating a low carb diet, you must have enough good fats in the body to keep its optimal function, please read my post on fish oil. Cook your own meal, you simply can not trust what others put … Read More

RobinWeight loss diet tips