Fitness First Park street review

28.07.2014 Fitness First Park Street: Fitness First Park Street is located at Podium 1 & 2, The Galeries Victoria/2 Park St, Sydney NSW 2000. You can easily access the facility if you stop at Town hall station by train, it is literally 3-4min walks from the station and it is all underground so bad weather will not affect you. The … Read More

RobinFitness First Park street review

How to be more motivated in the gym?

Here is what you need to know: • We all go through highs and lows in life. • Some months training is perfect, others are not and that is ok. • There are ways to increase your chance of transforming your body even if your own motivation is not extremely high. But first, I’d like to tell you a short … Read More

RobinHow to be more motivated in the gym?

Leg Training is Important

Your lower body and leg muscles (Gluts, quads and hamstrings) are the major muscle group in your body. Training legs 2-3 times per week will results in more fat burn, better cardiovascular conditioning, and a much stronger core if you can in cooperate some full depth squat into it. Training large muscle groups such as legs you can stimulate maximum … Read More

RobinLeg Training is Important

Fitness training 101

Here are my top 3 fitness training rules, follow these fitness tips so you can get better results. Follow a fitness program that matches your fitness goal, If i gave you a marathon training program to a bodybuilder what do you think is going to happen? Every training session you need to know what is the ultimate goal you are … Read More

RobinFitness training 101

Chest training 101

Do you want to have bigger chest? Every male wants to have a bigger chest, if you don’t believe me go take a look at any commercial gym around the world on a Monday evening at 6pm, everyone is training their chest. Clients often look for the latest chest built exercise, and trust me people can get really creative about … Read More

RobinChest training 101