One day with team Lilibridge.

If you have been reading my blog or following me you probably know that I love coaching people for strength training. It doesn’t have to be competitive powerlifting, just helping people to be strong in general and feeling good about themselves. If I want to keep improving my knowledge and coaching in the world of strength and powerlifting, spending some … Read More

RobinOne day with team Lilibridge.

Training tips vol 3

Q: I want to get stronger on my squat, I have been doing back squat for a few months and now I am stuck at 120kg for 2reps, what should I do? First, it sounds like is time to change your training program, remember adaptation leads to stagnation. Many make the simple mistake of pushing their 1,2,3 RM all the … Read More

RobinTraining tips vol 3

Training tips Vol 2

Q: What are the best exercises should I do if I am looking for an athletic body development? That’s a very common question in the gym; let’s define a athletic looking body. • To be athletic you must be fairly muscular throughout the WHOLE body, not just your upper body. • Your physique should roughly match your strength, after all … Read More

RobinTraining tips Vol 2

Training tips vol 1

Q: Adaptation equal stagnation, so what are some of the simple ways to modify my current training program to make it more challenging? You could start by manipulating the TEMPO of your exercises. A tempo is the speed in which any given exercise is performed. A 3010 tempo on a bicep curl means 3 sec lowing the curl 0 sec … Read More

RobinTraining tips vol 1