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My Body Project offers specific training program and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

No generic programs, and despite no long-term contracts. We have many satisfied members who have reached their goals with the help of our experienced personal training staff.

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Naoko's Personal Training Result
  • Lost >7% body fat in 8 wks
  • 2Kg lean muscle increase
  • >20% Strength Gain


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Mark's Personal Training Result
  • Lost >5% body fat in 8 wks
  • 3Kg lean muscle increase
  • Now 9% body fat


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Talia's Personal Training Result
  • 9Kg weight lost in 12 weeks
  • 4Kg lean muscle increase
  • Dropped 2 dress sizes


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Ani's Personal Training Result
  • 10Kg weight lost in 12 wks
  • 3.5Kg lean muscle increase
  • Lost 10% body fat


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Anna's Personal Training Result
  • 7Kg weight lost in 12 weeks
  • 2Kg lean muscle increase
  • Lost 4.5% body fat


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Jameely's Personal Training Result
  • CAPO nationals 2014
  • 120Kg back squat
  • 141Kg Deadlift


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RobinPersonal Training Results