Fitness training 101

Here are my top 3 fitness training rules, follow these fitness tips so you can get better results.

  1. Follow a fitness program that matches your fitness goal, If i gave you a marathon training program to a bodybuilder what do you think is going to happen?
  2. Every training session you need to know what is the ultimate goal you are trying to achieve on that day. Are you training to be stronger? Are you training to improving your fitness, or are you trying to build more muscle?
  3. Training technique is more important than how much weight you have on the bar, do not let your ego dictated you, leave the ego behind, focus on your ultimate fitness goal you are trying to achieve.
  4. Train hard, take a look at the person in your gym with the most impressive body, how hard is he or she training? you cannot expect anything less than doing what they are doing in order to get the body they have.

Thoese are my fitness tips for anyone who is relatively new to the fitness training, I hope you find them helpful, they are very basic, but that is where it all begin 😀


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RobinFitness training 101