Leg Training is Important

Your lower body and leg muscles (Gluts, quads and hamstrings) are the major muscle group in your body. Training legs 2-3 times per week will results in more fat burn, better cardiovascular conditioning, and a much stronger core if you can in cooperate some full depth squat into it.

Training large muscle groups such as legs you can stimulate maximum hormonal response (HGH) for fat loss and muscle gain at the same time that is like hitting the jackpot on a weekly basis.

You must use full depth squat, (A.K.A ass to grass) only, unless you have a very specific reason not to, and big ego dose not count. Your body is designed to move in full range of motion, so move it, and if you don’t move it, you will lose it.

You must make sure you are using the appropriate loading on the bar, doing the right amount of repetitions. I would usually do 3 to 5 reps for maximal strength gain, and 10 to 20+ reps for muscle gain. It all depends on what programs you are doing hence the wide spread of repetition range.

ATTENTION: Leg training for girls who want to “tone up” do 3 weeks 10 to 15reps and 3 weeks 5-8reps (with heavier load). I promise you a fuller, rounder, sexier butt in 6 weeks.

leg training

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RobinLeg Training is Important