training tip vol 5

How to get bigger arms

There are so many workouts out there that promise to give you huge arms and yet there are so many guys in the gym still has hot dog arms.

Arm training is just like anything else in training, it takes time, unfortunately patience is something the social media never talks about, everyone wants a quick fix.

I use to be a very skinny guy myself; I remember measuring my flexed biceps at the age of 14 it was 26cm my body weight at the time was around 60kg. I don’t have a before picture to show you how small they looked, but I do have this after shoot to show you my six years progress. Yes, it took me six years. I was 71kg in this picture with 45cm arm.

six years

So here are some of my tips for anyone who is looking to gain arm size.

1. Patience, be ready to work hard for a long time, out workout your friends, hit the gym when they are all at home watching TV.
2. Ego lifting is not going to give you big arms, have a plan; lift with correct technique, strength will come.
3. Be strong at all angles, rotate your training plan every 6-8 sessions, try new exercises to stimulate your arms from different angles, but make sure you stick to it for at least 6 sessions before you move on to another routine.
4. Train your grip strength; don’t use straps, wrist warms are okay.
5. Use large grip implements, they do not workout everyone, it worked great for me, but it is always worth a try.
6. Volume, volume, volume, train your arms to handle massive amount of volume work. I use to train arms 3 times per day for 14 days straight and took 3 days off. Yes it is stupid, but I had to try it. My arm grew 2cm in 20 days.
7. Do both compound as well as isolation exercises.
8. Supplement with BCAA and fast acting carbohydrate during and post workout.


Robintraining tip vol 5