Training tips Vol 2

Q: What are the best exercises should I do if I am looking for an athletic body development?

That’s a very common question in the gym; let’s define a athletic looking body.

• To be athletic you must be fairly muscular throughout the WHOLE body, not just your upper body.
• Your physique should roughly match your strength, after all athletes must be able to perform, so you must be strong for your size.
• Athletes are not bodybuilders so they do not need to be sub 5% body fat however you should still look like you train. Somewhere between 12%-16% body fat is a good range.

So what are some of the top exercises selections for an athletic body.

Lower body:
• Full range squat,
• Conventional deadlift.
• Full Range lunges

• Pull up (over hand grip),
• Chin up (under hand grip),
• V bar dips (full range if you an),
• Incline DB press /Bench press,
• Bent over row (BB or DB.)
• Standing military press

training tips

*** I did not include Olympic lifts and its variations because most people do not have the mobility to perform them however if you can do them with great technique add them into your workout.

One last thing before you close this blog, remember results are based on progression not so much on variation, this rule probably would apply to 80% of the population. Fancy exercise might not be the most result promoting exercise.

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RobinTraining tips Vol 2