training tip vol 5

How to get bigger arms There are so many workouts out there that promise to give you huge arms and yet there are so many guys in the gym still has hot dog arms. Arm training is just like anything else in training, it takes time, unfortunately patience is something the social media never talks about, everyone wants a quick … Read More

Robintraining tip vol 5

Training tip vol 4

Q: I am new to training, I want be big but I also want to be able to lift heavy, what type of program would you recommend? Strength based? Or Hypertrophy based? One should always consider one’s “training age” when choosing a program. With a training age of less than six months I would classify you as a beginner. A … Read More

RobinTraining tip vol 4

One day with team Lilibridge.

If you have been reading my blog or following me you probably know that I love coaching people for strength training. It doesn’t have to be competitive powerlifting, just helping people to be strong in general and feeling good about themselves. If I want to keep improving my knowledge and coaching in the world of strength and powerlifting, spending some … Read More

RobinOne day with team Lilibridge.

Training tips vol 3

Q: I want to get stronger on my squat, I have been doing back squat for a few months and now I am stuck at 120kg for 2reps, what should I do? First, it sounds like is time to change your training program, remember adaptation leads to stagnation. Many make the simple mistake of pushing their 1,2,3 RM all the … Read More

RobinTraining tips vol 3

Training tips Vol 2

Q: What are the best exercises should I do if I am looking for an athletic body development? That’s a very common question in the gym; let’s define a athletic looking body. • To be athletic you must be fairly muscular throughout the WHOLE body, not just your upper body. • Your physique should roughly match your strength, after all … Read More

RobinTraining tips Vol 2

Training tips vol 1

Q: Adaptation equal stagnation, so what are some of the simple ways to modify my current training program to make it more challenging? You could start by manipulating the TEMPO of your exercises. A tempo is the speed in which any given exercise is performed. A 3010 tempo on a bicep curl means 3 sec lowing the curl 0 sec … Read More

RobinTraining tips vol 1

Fitness tip 101

There are so many articles out there with really good information. What I am about to share with you is not going to get your comp. ready in 12 weeks, nor it will make you gain 10kg of lean muscle in 3 months, but it will benefit you if you are new to fitness and just looking for a good … Read More

RobinFitness tip 101

Fitness First Park street review

28.07.2014 Fitness First Park Street: Fitness First Park Street is located at Podium 1 & 2, The Galeries Victoria/2 Park St, Sydney NSW 2000. You can easily access the facility if you stop at Town hall station by train, it is literally 3-4min walks from the station and it is all underground so bad weather will not affect you. The … Read More

RobinFitness First Park street review

Reduce stress in 60min

Are you stressed at work? Are you stressed about money? Are you stressed about life? Who is not? I do not know anyone who is not stressed; the life we live in simply won’t allow us to have a break, period. Most people probably will tell you stress are bad for you, not really. with the right amount of stress, … Read More

RobinReduce stress in 60min

How to be more motivated in the gym?

Here is what you need to know: • We all go through highs and lows in life. • Some months training is perfect, others are not and that is ok. • There are ways to increase your chance of transforming your body even if your own motivation is not extremely high. But first, I’d like to tell you a short … Read More

RobinHow to be more motivated in the gym?